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Taking the first steps towards treatment can be stressful and overwhelming. South California Road to Recovery has created an admissions process to remove the stress often associated with searching  and entering treatment. Our admission staff compassionately guides each new client through the necessary steps to accommodate and expedite his or her healing journey at South California Road to Recovery.

Consultations and preADMISSION Assessment

The preadmission assessment, conducted over the phone or in person by an admission representative, provides our clinicians with a client's basic information and problem list. This profile includes background information on physical and mental health issues. It also affords clients the opportunity to ask questions about our treatment. Prior to admission, our representative collects basic information to verify insurance benefits and any out-of-pocket expenses. We do our best to present you with an accurate information about your treatment options as soon as possible.  

Our Intake Process

We provide transportation for our clients from the airport, hospitals or their residence that are located in Southern California. Upon admission, the client meets with an intake specialist who assess the client's personal history. Treatment team obtains medical and mental health history, provides diagnostic screening, medication evaluation, psychiatric assessment. Each client’s treatment plan includes various therapies, medication management integrated into holistic approaches to ensure the most positive therapeutic outcomes. Our intake counselor lead clients through necessary paperwork, provide a comprehensive welcome package, answer questions and offer a guided tour of the grounds. Staff members take clients to his or her assigned rooms to rest and settle in  before embarking on the healing process.

Family involvement and visitation

Family involvement begins after client has completed detoxification process.This usually starts after a week. Family involvement during treatment may include conference calls, family therapy sessions with the client to help address all aspects of the client's recovery. Family involvement is important element in healing. Every visitor must be pre-approved by South California Road to Recovery staff. Clients submit pass request forms to their primary case manager/ or therapist. Requests must be submitted 24 hours prior to the weekend (visiting days are Saturdays and Sundays). Clients and visitors meet in designated areas. HIPAA rules prohibit visitors from visiting clients or other areas designated off-limits.


Treatment typically lasts between 60 and 90 days. At the completion of treatment, the client has received the skills and knowledge needed to continue with their recovery.Clients are encouraged to seek the ongoing support of counseling, family and couple counseling, support groups such as 12-step programs to maintain their recovery. We offer continuing care to help clients maintain their recovery through the first year after treatment.

Affordable, Accessible Treatment

Our trained financial coordinators can guide families and clients through insurance details, substance abuse coverage, mental health coverage, and ancillary outpatient services covered under individual private policies. With dedicated specialists to help foster understanding and smooth admissions, we work with each client to make the transformative treatment financially affordable.